Swap Trust for Accountability

Trust Is Not The Issue

Whenever I work with teams, there seems to be this big barrier - trust. Team members make a lot of excuses as to why they do not trust one another and why this trust has kept the team from performing at its peak level.

The challenge is that trust is not measurable and is an emotion. Trust depends on a lot of factors that can vary from person to person. And trust in the work context is built through personal and mutual accountability.

I've fallen into the trap of agreeing that it is a problem. And it is a problem. However I don't believe it is the problem people think it is.

Accountability - The Equalizer

Regardless of whether or not trust is present on the team, it can still function effectively and efficiently. Accountability is the great equalizer. Accountability makes sure things get done, people get rewarded or corrective action is taken as necessary. It does not rely on trust - it focuses teams on results.

The Path To Accountability

Expectations for this type of approach must be clearly communicated; accountability measures are actually laid out, talked about, and enforced. Everyone is empowered to, within the scope of the team and its projects, ask questions that may challenge each other. The purpose of this is to have the best result as a team. Clears, roles, and assgned tasks with deadlines establish the parameters by which team members can engage in conversations and check in on one another to make sure team members are making progress on the tasks and goals that they have identified as a team.

From Accountability To Trust

If trust is present great. That makes for great relationships. However, it is actually through accountable relationships where people have consistently done what they have promised, that trust relationships are built.

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